Coach - Cherie Simson

I started Judo at the age of 12 after a taster session with the youth club that my parents ran. Not long after this, I moved up to the contest class. My brother was asked to help in the junior classes, naturally, being dropped off at the same time, I also helped with the youngsters rather than sitting cold and bored on the side of the mat. This started my love for coaching and as soon as I was the right grade and age, I headed to York to do my level 1 coaching.

I have now been an official coach for 5 years. I went to university to study sports coaching and development, and in my time there I found three clubs to coach at and completed my Level 2 coaching course. As a junior, I have competed and won medals at the Bev Price Teams, Midland Area, and many many more. I was also selected as a London 2012 Games maker and helped out at the VI Judo event - leading the players to the mat.